Municipality of Pescara


MoP carries out promotion of cultural, social, economic and environmental values. The Municipality of Pescara developed local strategies and plan to maintain and improve the development of a professional profile of Intangible Cultural Heritage operator so that ICH can be leveraged to widen and create economic activities through increased entrepreneurship, which is the main objective of NICHE project.
European Projects department is developing a series of projects funded on touristic initiatives and protection and promotion of intangible cultural heritage and entrepreneurship. With Interreg IT-HR, for example, the main objective of the municipal authority is to introduce a dedicated effort to monitor and restore degraded marine ecosystems and habitats in the Adriatic Sea.

The MoP needs to improve its marine environment, to implement conservations measures and pilot restoration actions for selected areas and finally to translate restorations actions into policy, legal and governance context. The strategic geographic location of the MoP towards Croatia, its historic and well-established neighborhood relations with it, will enable the whole partnership to promote cross-border development and a new concept of knowledge and capacity regarding different marine ecosystems and habitats, developing an integrated large-scale solution to protect marine habitats and impacts on the current EU policies about marine ecosystem quality and use.

The Municipality also has key collaborations with the education and training ecosystem, brokering partnerships with VET providers as well as the nationally important University, “Gabriele D’Annunzio”, with approximately 30,000 students and a wide range of educational courses.

In the NICHE project, the Municipality of Pescara will represent the public policy side of Vocational Education and Training for self-employability and entrepreneurship, ICT applications and digital solution for training and education, territorial socio-economic empowerment.

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